Cardamom Vetiver

Cardamom Vetiver

from 48.00

Cardamom / Pumpkin Seed / Willow Bark / Coconut / Patchouli

Hand-poured in San Rafael in collaboration with Tonic Naturals

*certified organic

  • ~ 5" round x 2" tall
  • ~ 320g e11.6oz

Luscious soap & unique shapes, form & function work together to add a different kind of beauty to the daily ritual of bathing. Created with an abundance of unique botanicals, antioxidants, mineral rich clays, & skin-nurturing essential oils to cleanse, hydrate & nourish all skin types.  Perfect for daily use. 

Each Erode Summit poured and cast by hand. As each batch is unique for each pour, no two are the same. 

Use: Brush wet hands or cloth over the soap's surfaces to create, lather, release the aromatic essential oils and reveal the changing slopes.


As the soaps use & form are unique, the Bouton plate was designed hand in hand to serve as the Erode Summit's designated dish. 

Erode Summit : $48

Erode Summit + Bouton Plate: $68


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