Victor Lefebvre



Victor Lefebvre is a state-licensed French architect with a background in furniture design and woodworking.

Educated both in France and Japan, Victor practiced at Kengo Kuma Paris before a state research grant lead him to work in Kyoto for three years.

With more passion for working with his hands than his doctoral studies, Victor established a practice in Kyoto, working on a few residential projects in the area, including hand-built renovations of traditional homes, as well as competitions for Kengo Kuma in Tokyo.

He then returned to Europe as architect for Herzog & de Meuron in Basel Switzerland, working on high-profile competitions and residential projects, as well as on furniture and detailing projects in the studio’s in-house wood shop.

Victor moved to the San Francisco Bay Area working as a designer at Envelope A+D before co-funding UMÉ Studio.

He now works on independent projects and travels around the world in his quest of careful details and new collaborators for the Studio.